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A summary of Yukihana’s speech.

The reason for seeing the Flower Demo Mie was that I knew that there was a sexual victim in the neighborhood of Ise who died by herself. She was the wife of a doctor. She died by herself about three years ago. The neighborhood (her husband) was my mother’s family doctor, and now he had returned to Iga city to succeed his parents’ hospital. I heard that she who died have been hurt by sexual violence for 20 years. The bereaved family was also hurt.

Police, judiciary, medical care, administration… Even if they consulted with anyone, they were not treated. Since the local media reported that she had died without consideration, he was traumatized as the bereaved family with disapproval from the surroundings.

What shocked me was that when I talked to the people in Ise, there was no reaction and they didn’t hear it.

Until then, Victims of sexual violence and also sexual violence, if present, have been absent. However, I was frightened when I was returned in a non-responsive and non-existent attitude that her life was involved.

With all my body fainting and trembling, I went to an event of Spring and Flower Demo, which is promoting the revision of criminal offenses in Tokyo.

At that time, at the beginning of the lecture, Ms.Jun Yamamoto mourned the sexual victims who had died by themselves and I narrowly met the hearts of people.

At that time, at the beginning of the story,Ms. Jun Yamamoto finally met the hearts of people by mourning the victims of sexually ill victims. After returning from Tokyo, I prepared for the flower demonstration all night long, and the next day I stood at this place at Tsu Station with my mother. In December of the following month, I was able to connect with the locals and feel at ease.

Neither I nor her, who died by herself, was alone and loneliness. We have been separated out of the social where ignore sexual violence.

We, the victims of sexual complaints, are urgent with our human-being.

Despite being a human being, indifference, affairs, and bystanders are just as powerful as the perpetrators. Sexual violence and sex discrimination are problems for everyone who has sex.

On June 11, the Gender Equality Bureau in Cabinet Office announced measures to strengthen sexual violence and sexual crime for the next three years. It states that “it is neither a victim, a perpetrator, nor a bystander.” “Don’t be a bystander” means to think as your own problem, not as indifference or other people’s affairs.

Regarding the sexual violence, Ms. Minori Kitahara, the official person of the flower demo, said that the society needs “listening ability”. Each person in society needs “hearing ability”.

At the age of 4, I was taken away by two assailants and have suffered from trauma all the time. Through I continued to learn and had faith in Tokyo, Shikoku Henro, Koyasan and Ise, I was finally connected to the specialized trauma therapy in Osaka.

Most victims can not have the specialized trauma therapy. Nevertheless, during the emergency hospitalization of my mother, the social welfare officers and public health nurses of the Care Support Division of Ise City and the rehabilitation hospital interpreted only a few points of what I said and made incredible inhumane interventions as their terrible care supports.

That sexual victims in Ise died after forced hospitalization. I guess that she was really scared that no one help her, she was despised, and she was even forced to the hospital.

“Let’s laugh and spend sexual violence as deciding not exist those sexual violence.”

The doctor of the bereaved family said half a year ago. What was said in Nagano 20 or 30 years ago is still the same now, even in the positions of medical staff and supporters.

For supporting family, also, the victims of sexual violence is difficult. The helplessness of the family is turned to the victim.

Trauma specialty therapy is still inadequate in region like Mie and Nagano

By that each and every person in society just looks at the problem and turns their eyes, sexual victims are saved a lot.

You don’t have to do anything big right now to get rid of sexual violence and discrimination. Please think about things that are familiar to you and that you can do. It changes with each and every little bit of it.

Thank you for listening to me today.

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