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fl.z. 2020/03/08(Sun) ❁ Greeting for English Page

site up 20200309Mon

Welcome to this site.I’m Yuki Hana, and live in Ise City, Mie Prefecture.

I have a flower demonstration in a rural area.

The purpose of the flower demo is the eradication of sexual violence and that it is a criminal law crime revision.

I also make a personal site. Please see that too.

From Flower Demo Mie site and my personal site,I am translating from Japanese to English.

All translations are not possible, so I translate some of my Japanese blogs.I will translate little by little.

The catchy images on the English page are unified.This is for the sake of appearance and organization of the site.

The Japanese page has a message field, but the English page omits it. Because I can’t speak enough English.

Messages are also accepted in English.

Also in that case, please see the purpose and the posting rule by Yukihana.

The purpose and the posting rule by Yukihana page is not currently available in English.

Please post only if you understand Japanese.